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Ex-soloist of “Serebro” said that it was time for Leontiev and Gazmanov to leave the stage

Ex-soloist of “Serebro” said that it was time for Leontiev and Gazmanov to leave the stage

Olga Serebkina sent People’s Artists to retirement

Show business, in which singing bloggers mingled with eminent artists, is not for nothing called “a ball of kissing snakes”: both camps, although they smile when they meet, clearly dislike each other . Until now, only Larissa Dolina da Valya Carnival has decided on an open confrontation , but now the young team has arrived. An unexpected person contributed her five kopecks to the “war of the worlds”: the ex-soloist of the “Serebro” group Olga Serebkina , who, at the age of 36, spent half her life on stage and was hardly considered her own among the so-called “freshmen”.

In the next issue of the YouTube show “Night Contact “, the singer was asked a provocative question: “Which three Russian pop artists have to retire long ago?” According to the rules, Serebkina could not answer, but then she would have to endure an unpleasant punishment. Of the two evils, it seemed to her, Olga chose the lesser …

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  • Cool artist Leonid Leontiev, but he is already an adult, – said the artist . – What, he is not Leonid? Valery? By the way, it’s time for Leonid Yakubovich too. Isn’t he from show business? Then Gazmanov and Rastorguev, – the guest agreed with the prompts of the hosts.

At the same time, the star herself still has something to say to the public.

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  • I have not fully revealed my potential as a solo artist, – admitted Serebkina. – Now I am working on my second disc. I think there will be about 10 tracks in it, all of them are the most powerful ones. Believe me, even if there is only one song on my disc, it will be such that I want to download it.

Meanwhile, the success of the group “Serebro”, which was finally disbanded two years ago, neither the lone Serebkina, nor Lena Temnikova, nor other soloists were able to repeat. Under the leadership of Max Fadeev, the girls literally tore the charts with Mom Any and even participated in Eurovision. And having taken up a solo career, they switched from disgusted pop music to non-format, and then they completely disappeared from the radar …

By the way, before that Olga Buzova demonstrated her ignorance of famous artists. At one of the secular awards, the singing presenter confused the name of Leshchenko with Levchenko. However, Lev Valerianovich nobly forgave the blonde for this oversight.

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