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Singer Amanda Black Reveals Her Struggle Against Pandemic In New Album ‘Mnyama.’

Singer Amanda Black Reveals Her Struggle Against Pandemic In New Album ‘Mnyama.’

Amanda Black

Key Sentence:

  • Schedule Sold Platinum Singer Amanda Black is preparing the release of his most anticipated third album, Mama.
  • Despite the challenges modeled by the Covid-19 pandemic.

He says the quarantine has allowed him to reflect on his craft, which has resulted in creating his robust new musical offering. “This album reflects my thought process and state of mind in 2020, which is going through a breakup and a pandemic at the same time.

“I feel bewildered and helpless, the song is me, allowing myself to accept the vulnerability that I’m not well and all is well,” said the multiple-time winner. “I wish people could come forward and treat themselves better and allow themselves to be honest and vulnerable. It’s a tough time for everyone, and it’s great to get a job.”

Known for his vocal strength, the singer addresses mental health issues, gender-based violence, pain and tragedy, and the loss of life due to the Covid-19 pandemic while sending a strong message of hope in these uncertain times. “People will treat the album for being honest and sincere, and for those who haven’t been able to deal with it, there’s hope for those who feel helpless,” Amanda said.

The singer recently released his first single, “Kutheni Na,” with Kwesta from the new album. Kutani Na, produced by Christer Kobedi and Vaughn Fury, questions “our collective beliefs, which bravely face deep uncertainty” in the world.

“Kutheni Na in translation means why, and the song was supposed to be honest with me about how I felt during the lockdown and that I wasn’t feeling well,” Amanda said.

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While developing the collaboration with Kwesta, the singer explained: “I’ve always wanted to work with Kwesta, and when I sent her a song, she told her story as naked as she did.” Kwesta’s verse describes the growing pain, her journey, and respect for her hood, as well as the tragic loss of her close friend, hip-hip legend Jabulani “HHP” Tsambo, who died in 2018.

The 10-album album “Mama” will be officially released on Friday, August 6. So Pre-order “Mnyama” and get the hit single “Kutheni Na” with Kwesta.

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