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Celebrity Stylist Maeve Reilly Weighs In On “Ugly” Fashion, Affordable Sneakers, And Coordinated Pairs.

Celebrity Stylist Maeve Reilly Weighs In On “Ugly” Fashion, Affordable Sneakers, And Coordinated Pairs.

Celebrity Stylist

Key Sentence:

  • She’s dressed Hailey Bieber, Megan Fox, and Ciara, so of course, we have lots of questions.
  • Unfortunately, we tend to lose track of the great celebrity outfits: fitted dresses paired with sexy ribbons with laces.

The perfect combination of a t-shirt, baggy jeans, and sneakers with a statement. But while the stars in the headlines usually get all the credit, true fashion fans know who deserves recognition: the behind-the-scenes stylists who put it all together in such a way that we envy and inspire.

In particular, a professional who dreams of the sound you need to see is Maeve Reilly. She dresses up icons like Hailey Bieber, Megan Fox, Ciara, and even sister D’Amelio, and is one of the reasons we spend our hard-earned money on everything from crooked dumbbells to shoes. But, according to Reilly, you don’t have to owe yourself anything to look good. To take home these points, it has partnered with PayPal to promote the platform’s new interest-free payment feature, Pay in 4.

“I’ve talked about smart shopping before,” he said on InStyle, saying he loves sharing money-saving tips for his followers, including the ability to break down purchases between $30 and $1,500 into smaller amounts.

“I think this is a great pandemic opportunity for people who may be aware of the cost but want to have an exciting new fashion moment,” he said, adding that the feature was easy to use and straightforward. Unsurprisingly, Reilly’s slick style and money-saving tips don’t stop there.

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During the conversation, she also shares some of her best advice, including some inexpensive ways to enhance your wardrobe, the summer and fall trends she’s into, and her thoughts on coordinated couple style – something her client Megan Fox has talked about. He knows everything.

“I’m a big fan of mixing low-end brands with high-end brands. I do this all the time, not only in my style but also in the way my clients dress. I think it’s normal to have the highs and lows together – no one dresses from head to toe with a designer, so I’m always on the lookout for low-end brands that blend well. I’m a big fan of Nasty Gal. I love Joah Brown for vintage tank tops and other items. Brandy Melville, I’ve always loved it; my younger girls love it. We are many.”

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