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JessicaJane Propels Vintage Winter Range Thought That Spain Would Be Ideal For Him.

JessicaJane Propels Vintage Winter Range Thought That Spain Would Be Ideal For Him.


Key Sentence:

  • South African designer Jessica Molebatsi presents her collection in winter 2021 under the fashion label JessicaJane.
  • This collection focuses on bright colors like Sour Yellow and Cerise Pink, which send a much-needed positive message.

“I find the colors appealing, especially with the sequins, and that’s where it all comes from. I love working with these bright and stimulating colors as opposed to standard fall shades,” she says. Molebatsi stated that the collection was primarily inspired by her fantastic clientele and her own life as a working mother to empower women.

“The point of this collection is to give women the opportunity to express their individuality. I want to strengthen the femininity in each of us, not impose my ideas of femininity on my customers and further strengthen the woman who wears it; she remains beautiful confident, “added Molebatsi.

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Post shared by JessicaJane (@jessicajane_molebatsi), he said that he dreamed of spreading the collection internationally and believed that Spain would be ideal for him.

“As South Africans, Th tend to be reluctant to choose fashion. “The Spaniards, on the other hand, are not afraid to take risks and try things. “And with this collection, I am proud of its boldness and practicality,” Molebatsi said.

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He adds that the challenge of balancing being a creative and a business owner is not for the faint of heart. “When you own a business, you’re often too busy working in the business that it’s not easy to be as creative as you need to be outside of the company. “In some areas, you can focus; in other areas, you have to work under pressure. “And sometimes your deadline can spark your creative, city, so you take the time to be careful.”

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