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Frontier Model Precious Lee Is Here To Shake Up The Fashion Industry.

Frontier Model Precious Lee Is Here To Shake Up The Fashion Industry.

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  • Plus, share the beauty products that she swears look so
  • good.
  • Precious Lee recently made history as the first African-American curve model to attend the Versace Show in the spring of 2021.

Since appearing on stage in 2012, he has discharged his whole heart and wild energy into everything he does. Here she experiences how her hometown, family, and self-love pushed her forward.

“People don’t know how amazing it is to feel the energy of black joy that my hometown of Atlanta brings with me. Growing up, I never felt constrained because I realized that black people could express themselves freely. Entrepreneurship in Atlanta is crazy; every people have successful businesses.

My dad has owned his hair salon all my life. The only thing we wanted was one-of-a-kind and our style. I had my freshman year in college at Clark Atlanta University, starting modeling where I did our homecoming show. There were no plans to become a model, but I’ve always loved fashion.”

Endless energy

“Since this industry is all about getting your body and image noticed, it’s essential to stay strong for what I believe in myself. This is an inner power that I separate from and is not available to anyone else. So for me, it’s about demonstrating the magical flexibility and dynamic power of black women.”

Lee dear
Take care of yourself.
“Take care of yourself doesn’t have to be extra; it is something that is part of your foundation. Whatever happens, it’s only temporary. Until you show up for yourself, you’ll be back in the ground room.

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“I’m going to have an epic bubble bath in the middle of the day, which I think is good because of the quarantine. Why limit the luxury experience to certain times of the day? Now about the afternoon bath. [Laughter] And when I feel overwhelmed with information, I switch my phone to “do not disturb” and take a moment to breathe. I read some of my statements or hear healing sounds according to their frequency.”

Continuous badass state
“I love to see a world that has awakened because there has been a revolution. It’s just more conscious and fun energy. I look forward to seeing people who have a new perspective on fashion printing. And pressed for so long, and now I’m ready to thrive on the various projects I work on in television, film, and fashion.

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