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I’m A 42-Year-Old Mom That Carries Birkenstock, Including I’m Experimenting Standing Stones; Why Not?

I’m A 42-Year-Old Mom That Carries Birkenstock, Including I’m Experimenting Standing Stones; Why Not?

42-year-old mom

Key Sentence:

  • I spent my teenage years dancing at Phish shows with big JNCO pants.
  • Glittery makeup and star stickers throughout my eyes – and almost everything are back in style now.

That’s the cover of Olivia Rodrigo’s album, which was sold to me for the first time: Face stickers are back and for the most part. If you don’t live with a partner and therefore haven’t been exposed to 24 hours of Olivia Rodrigo, let me describe it.

The teen singer is standing with her arms crossed, her face covered with the bit of sticker you can find on the back of a kindergarten, an exercise book with the album’s title is written on her tongue in a sticker, it matches what I’ve seen on TikTok, where people put little gems on their faces as part of their more significant makeup look. But the best evidence I found was at Target, where I found gemstones and face and body stickers for sale.

@@ Payton. makeup

The renaissance of face decals had taken me back to my teenage years when my style was a combination of ravers and hippies, like the way they didn’t appear until the late 90s.

I’ve spent those years dancing at Phish shows in big JNCO panties, painting my eyelids in shiny makeup, and embellishing my temples with little metal stars. Looking at today’s teens and their galaxy from face stickers makes me feel almost unpleasant, like looking in a mirror.

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It’s just that I’m no longer a ’90s girl with thin eyebrows and shiny stickers on my face, nor am I a sharp teen icon or makeup artist with a TikTok fan. Instead, I’m a 42-year-old mom who works from home and has spent the last 24 hours getting her dog to take pain medication after pulling his little tooth.

My current shoe is a thick pair of flip-flops designed to relieve joint pain. Metal face stickers are no longer my style – which is the perfect reason to try them out for a day. The current trend for shiny faces is often associated with Donnie Davy, the HBO Euphoria makeup artist filming season two.

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