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UOMA Beauty Is Hitherto Shake Up The Picture Industry – Repeatedly Every Skin Tone.

UOMA Beauty Is Hitherto Shake Up The Picture Industry – Repeatedly Every Skin Tone.

UOMA Beauty

Key Sentence:

  • Founder Sharon Chutter’s second line is groundbreaking.
  • When it comes to inclusion (like very inclusion) in beauty, please leave it to no one but UOMA Beauty also Pull Up for Change founder Sharon Chutter to do it.

In 2019, the Nigerian-born entrepreneur turned things around when she launched her first collection, which includes 51 essential shades, all formulated with unique ingredients tailored to the needs of every skin tone.

Now she’s back with Sharon C’s UOMA, a makeup and skincare line that offers natural, vegan, cruelty-free formulas that are sustainable, use 100% recycled packaging, and are affordable with products between $6 and $24. The introduction of UOMA by Sharon C fulfills our promise to continue to set the standard for true non-performing and inclusive beauty,” Chuter said in a statement.

Beauty comes in every color, budget, also lifestyle. We are moving away from established beauties. The norm is to be “category-guided” and instead acknowledge that we cater to a new era of categorical agnostic shoppers. I’m happy to show you a new dimension of UOMAverse – based on the CARE dimension. “UOMA Sharon C will launch six signature products:

IRL Immaculate Foundation, $15
Uoma Beauty

This base is available in 30 shades and offers an oil-free formula. Like the original UOMA collection, the formula contains skin-nourishing ingredients specific to every skin tone, from natural watermelon rind extract to vitamin C to cold-pressed green coffee.

Walk! 2-in-1 cleaning wipes with water, $6
Uoma Beauty

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Traditional makeup wipes have a terrible reputation, but for a good reason. However, this UOMA Sharon C kit is hypoallergenic and biodegradable, and manufactured in a low-water consumption facility. Moisten a 100% natural cotton swab to activate a gentle cleanser, then let the rich argan oil and vitamin E extract nourish your skin while you remove makeup.

Walk! Au natural cleansing oil, $15
Uoma Beauty

This cleansing oil uses olive oil, castor oil, and grapeseed oil along with white mulberry extract and vitamin E to gently cleanse dirt, makeup, and impurities – without stripping moisture from the skin.

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