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Who Should Replace The Kardashian-Jenners With His Father, And That Would Make Him Look Attractive?

Who Should Replace The Kardashian-Jenners With His Father, And That Would Make Him Look Attractive?


Key Sentence:

  • This is the effect of an era in the history of reality television.
  • The most popular family on TV, the Kardashian Jenners, have said goodbye.
  • Last week was the final ending with a special reunion hosted by Andy Cohen.

When they tried to get back some of their lives and finish the next chapter with streaming giant Hulu, they left a significant niche in the market. We’ve identified potential families who can replace them and even put on a quality show. Magic Johnson is a traditional basketball player who has broken several records.

His son EJ starred in “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” and became a fan favorite. Surprisingly, EJ has a good relationship with his father, and that would make him look attractive.

He watched Johnson live his life, controlling the hardships EJ faces in society, how Magic must deal with the reactions to accepting. That EJ is weird and adding women to his life, Mother Cookie and Sister Elisa, and you have a wholesome reality show that will have plenty of moments. Study.

We could have pushed it, but Lisa Rina cut her remarks on The True Hosts of Beverly Hills. After the five seasons he’s been in, we don’t know as much about his life as we should. Maybe a show in which he stars alongside his daughter and the famous Harry Hamlin will help us find out more about him?

Their daughter models Delilah Bell and Amelia Gray tried to emulate the Hadid sisters – and failed miserably, which should have affected them. Plus, 19-year-old Amelia is dating ex Courtney Kardashian, Scott Disick, 38, and Lisa is struggling with the age difference. With all of this, there was enough food for a reality show with this family.

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