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An Affordable Yet Effective Matte Firming Moisturizer And Skincare Here are The Glam Drop Of The week.

An Affordable Yet Effective Matte Firming Moisturizer And Skincare Here are The Glam Drop Of The week.

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Key Sentence:

  • Beauty Launches You Should Know.
  • If ever there was a chance to shop for cosmetics, now is it. Our weekly Glam Drop is the answer.

Here we examine the latest and greatest landing treats every week – whether innovations from pioneering and philanthropic brands, ingenious hair characters, beautiful foundations, or just bright new lipsticks.

When a new product hits Glam Drop’s strict franchise of the five most essential beauty purchases you should have on your radar, you know it has to be good. So this week, we created a new formula from Laura Mercier’s OG Toning Moisturizer.

New oil-free gears ensure a matte finish that looks smooth, natural, and clean to build – so you can shift shine. In addition, we studied the latest Soap & Glory treatment series “Glow” and “Good Hydrations,” both giving off good vibes.

We were impressed with Drunk Elephant’s first cheek color, which has ingredients to help build the skin’s barrier to blush, which improves skin tone. In addition, we’re obsessed with the new NARS Color Concealer, which makes under-eye bags disappear and moisturizes our skin with the KEYS Soulcare body treatment (which, by the way, tastes delicious).

All the inside information for each character week can be found every Monday in our Instagram story about the weekly “Glam Drop,” or, if you’re late to the party, you can find out more in our highlight reel.

Don’t have an app? Or maybe you missed something we said? You can find all of this week’s products here: Drunk Elephant O-Bloos Rosi Drops, £30, Cult Beauty.

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Drunk Elephant has released its first cheek color. Packed with omegas, vegan pigments, and antioxidants, the formula not only looks great but also helps strengthen the skin’s barrier. The shade is a pretty watercolor pink peach that looks fresh on the cheeks. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizing Oil, 36lb, Feel Unique.

When we think of tinted moisturizers, we are more likely to think of a clean, dewy finish that babies love matte textures don’t like. However, the colorless toning moisturizer from Laura Mercier offers a fresh alternative. Available in 20 shades from light to deep, it provides a beautiful, smudging, soft, matte finish that is still as smooth and natural as a regular tinted moisturizer, only without the shine.

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