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Meet Hip-Hop artist KSNS, who has swept the music world with his music.

Meet Hip-Hop artist KSNS, who has swept the music world with his music.


He’s one of the few artists who have gained a huge fan following owing to his spectacular style which is unique to its core.

The music industry has been since years giving talented artists who have contributed to its growth to a great extent. It has evolved with time with different varied types of artists holding their stakes and contributing in their own way. The emergence of talented music artists has immensely helped in the growth of the industry as these few have used their creativity to the optimum levels, ensuring maximum satisfaction of worldwide fans. Out of the many such artists who have changed the face of music for the better and have established themselves as disruptors in the competitive music industry is KSNS, who has created his own distinct niche by providing music in a subtle manner rather than going by the industry trend of being too commercial in approach.

KSNS is a powerhouse of talent from Orlando, who has taken over as a rapper and a performer who has the ability to pull in the crowds in huge numbers. Many describe him as the reincarnation of the legendary Eminem for his similar tonal quality that matches with the star. What makes him stand apart from his contemporaries is his unique voice backed by excellent wordplay and meaningful lyrics which is way ahead of its time. His singles have driven much fan following and now he is all set to enthrall the audiences with his new music video of his single HWYW (Hate When You Win – YouTube: which also premiered on WorldStarHipHop & has got over 2.8 millions plays since its release. The single is off his third studio album ‘Moment of Silence’ which features artists like Lil Duke, Guap Tarantino, Lotto Savage & many more.

KSNS is racing ahead of all to become the next big thing in the world of music, and that is evident by the support and adulation he’s been gaining from his fans. His amazing voice and uniquely distinct talent is here to stay for long. Catch up on his album ‘Moment of Silence’ here:

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