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The #LuckyWalkDanceChallenge is setting the trend right, thanks to Young Grey.

The #LuckyWalkDanceChallenge is setting the trend right, thanks to Young Grey.

‘The Lucky Walk’ is what Young Grey wants people to recreate in their videos and stand a chance to win exciting cash prizes.

The world of social media is indeed a world of its own, which has so far changed the game of many businesses and industries, definitely for the better. Many professionals and entrepreneurs have truly utilized and leveraged the many tools to the maximum that social media platforms offer and create a trend of sorts for the world to be a part of, creating an insane craze for things. Doing exactly that is Young Grey, the talented man who helms his one of a kind hop-hop label, publishing, and management company and a lifestyle brand called ‘GreyLyfe Entertainment’.

Young Grey has come up with the newest challenge in the social media town called #LuckyWalkDanceChallenge, taking inspiration from the ‘Lucky Walk’, which went viral, the TikTok dance craze that started by his homie Lucky Banks. Young Grey’s new single ‘Lucky walk’ is an ode to that, to celebrate the Lucky Walk going viral and encouraging people to continue this trend by joining in the movement, doing the Lucky Walk and tagging #LuckyWalkDanceChallenge and #Greylyfe in their videos to stand a chance to win exciting cash prizes.

Young Grey and his label GreyLyfe Entertainment are known for giving the right platform to talented and new artists and supporting and promoting them with the right mediums. The new song “FWMGAB” saw French Montana teaming up with fellow BX native and lite feet dancer Lucky Banks for the music video and its choreography, and the next thing people saw was the Lucky Walk going viral. To keep this wave going, Young Grey dropped a Lucky Walk inspired single, and dance challenge and all the fans and followers went crazy.

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In 2020, when Young Grey and Lucky Banks first teamed up for a single ‘Ride A Hoe’, the association was a hit even then, where Lucky Banks won a cash prize and the song made milestones even before it was dropped, making an unbelievable 12K+ presaves on Spotify.

Young Grey is extremely excited about the recent challenge and will pick 5 dancers to win $500 by Friday, July 23, 2021. To learn more, follow them on TikTok and Instagram @YoungGrey & @LuckyBanks.

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