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Somizi Mlongo-Motaung Asks South Africans “Embarrassment” Next Riots Cannons Continued Used,” The Star Recalled.

Somizi Mlongo-Motaung Asks South Africans “Embarrassment” Next Riots Cannons Continued Used,” The Star Recalled.

Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung

Key Sentence:

  • Idols SA “jury and TV presenter Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung expressed his horror at the ongoing unrest and called South Africa a “disgrace.”
  • Looting, theft, property destruction, torches from shopping malls and trucks, and other criminal activity are common in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

The outbreak of public violence is believed to have been sparked by the recent imprisonment of former South African President Jacob Zuma. Still, criminals appear to be taking advantage of the situation. On Monday, Instagram presenter Metro FM called out criminals posing as protesters to Jacob Zuma.

“If this is the South Africa we all dream of … count me,” Somali said. “What is happening now in KZN and Gauteng, looting on behalf of supporters of former President Zuma…No, it’s not like that… Something must be complete as quickly as possible,” Somizi said.

The “Dinner at Somizi” star also denied police for not acting as aggressively as during the Pentecost student protests last March, when a passerby was shot in the crossfire, and many students were injured. “When the students revolted peacefully throughout the area, they were shot with rubber bullets, some with live ammunition … water cannons were used,” the star recalled.

The star also condemned “barbaric” acts of violence. “Who will suffer… This is self-inflicted poverty, and we sit comfortably in our own homes and watch… If some of us can survive after all this, the majority will suffer. So we have to do something.” absolutely bullshit… Call it what it is… it’s barbaric; even animals don’t behave the way we do now,” said Somizi.

He continued: “There is no excuse. Whether Zuma is innocent or guilty, I don’t care if you show support in this way…futs**”. The star urged the authorities to take action to stop the unrest before the whole country burns down.

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“Something has to be done. South Africa is on fire…how proud to be a South African now! “Meanwhile, President Kiril Ramaphosa is expected to address the nation on Monday as violence and looting continue to spread in KZN and Gauteng while calling for the release of former President Jacob Zuma.

In a statement issued, the Presidium confirmed that the SANDF was used to support the police within the meaning of Article 201(2)(a) of the Constitution. “The president wrote that he called for calm and warned criminal elements that they would face the full force of the law as lawlessness has ceased and economic activity may resume,” the statement said.

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