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Tully Fongolo Beats Up Zuma’s Family For Inciting “Violence They Barely Knew Each Other.

Tully Fongolo Beats Up Zuma’s Family For Inciting “Violence They Barely Knew Each Other.

Actress Tully Phongolo

Key Sentence:

  • Actress Tully Fongolo insults Zuma’s family for inciting violence while unrest in South Africa continues.
  • The Rockville star has also distanced himself from any relationship with the Zuma family.

In his latest tweet, Phongolo expressed his disappointment with the Zuma family, which prompted protests across the country to free the former statesman arrested just days earlier, sparking unrest as violence spread across KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng provinces.

“Zuma is out of control, hey ngeke bo! Encouraging violence and damaging people’s property and property is inappropriate. I don’t care who says what,” Phongolo tweeted. The former generational actress made headlines earlier this year after speculation about a romantic relationship with the former president came under suspicion. Jaco Zuma’s son, Duduzane Zuma, later both sides came out and denied the dating rumors, and the couple said they barely knew each other.

In response to the deleted tweet, Phongolo confirmed he had no ties to the Zuma family and insisted he did not know Duduzane personally. “Master, I have no personal relationship with anyone in the Zuma family. I don’t know Duduzan personally, and that’s the truth…” said the star.

Phongolo went on to state that he stood behind his testimony while people’s whereabouts were in danger. “I have no desire for a ‘nice girl, shut up’ image,” I insisted on what was right with sanity. What is happening in our community is heartbreaking and very detrimental to our livelihoods. It must be stopped immediately! “

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In a recent tweet, Duduzan shared a video in which he professes his love for his father and vehemently opposes his arrest. In the video, Duduzan can be heard saying, “… He shouldn’t have been jailed… We will strive to get him out, no doubt… This is not a Free JZ joke.”

Duduzane also told supporters that his father’s arrest was illegal. Check out the full video below:

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