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Amy Winehouse’s Stylist Uncovers The Artist’s Unique Bee Colony Hairdo Began As A Joke.

Amy Winehouse’s Stylist Uncovers The Artist’s Unique Bee Colony Hairdo Began As A Joke.

Amy Winehouse's stylist

Key Sentence:

  • Amy Winehouse’s beautician has discovered that he made the vocalist’s famous bee colony haircut as a “joke.”

Alex Foden was liable for making the search for Amy for her ‘Back to Black’ music video, and even though he proposed for it to be a touch of fun simply. Everybody adored the cut such a lot of that, it turned into her unique style.

In a meeting with the Sunday People paper, he said: “As a joke, I backcombed her hair hugely and put an additional bundle of fur in. “I said, ‘There you go, we should proceed to show the completed look,’ taking the p*** clearly, and as we came out the trailer, everyone went, ‘Good gracious! That is it, that is the mark look.'”

Foden would then make Amy’s bee colony greater and greater, to such an extent that she once lost her cell phone in her locks for “three days.” He added: “She once couldn’t discover her ¬≠mobile for three days. She scratched her head, and it was inside her bee colony.”

Amy disastrously kicked the bucket on July 23, 2011, at only 27, and this month points a long time since her elapsing. Notwithstanding her hit collections and grip of Grammy Awards, Foden demands the performer was “only an ordinary young lady” and an incredible companion. Because us extended escape this home, everyone agreed, ‘Good tender! That lives it, this is one result looks.'” However, she battled with her beverage and medication evil presences.

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