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Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Attended Leah Remini’s Birthday Party.

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Attended Leah Remini’s Birthday Party.

Jennifer Lopez

Key Sentence:

  • Leah Remini shared a photo with Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck on their 51st birthday montage.

The actress, who turned 51 last month, shared her birthday montage with the stars on Instagram, and the video includes a photo of herself with J-Lo and Ben. The trio can be seen in a photo booth in the video as the 48-year-old actor hugs Leah and Jennifer. The couple has not commented on their rekindled romance or shared posts on social media.

Along with the video, Leah wrote: “I wanted to share a little video of my birthday with all of you because I get so much love from you on my birthday but also every day. Meanwhile, Ben and Jay-Lo, 51, are said to be “in love” and plan a future together.

A source recently insisted that the Hollywood star – who was engaged between 2002 and 2004 but canceled their wedding plans in 2003 due to “excessive media attention” before splitting months later – was “the love of a lifetime.” A source said 48-year-old Ben was “pleased” with 51-year-old Jennifer and that “she was amazing to him.”

A source close to J-Lo added, “They want to do whatever they can to get this job done.” A source states that “Hustlers” starring Emma and 13-year-old twins Max “slowly got to know” the Justice League actor while hunting in Los Angeles – although he continues to spend time in Miami with his father, Mark Anthony.

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It was recently reported that Jennifer was “very excited” about the relationship being rebuilt when Ben contacted her. A source said: “When Ben contacted J-Lo, he was thrilled by the opportunity to renew their relationship. J-Lo has always loved Ben.

“Ben broke up with J-Lo because he was impressed by the constant attention and media fame the relationship brought, but now they’re in a great place and learning what works for them as a couple.”

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