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Watch Escape To Nikiwe Dlova, One Of The Best Creative Artists In Mzansi.

Watch Escape To Nikiwe Dlova, One Of The Best Creative Artists In Mzansi.

Nikiwe Dlova

Key Sentence:

  • It’s true when they say that things get better with time. When I first found out about Nikive Dlova.
  • It was in 2018 at the “Black hair thing” exhibition at the Eyethu art room.

I was intrigued by the hair extensions she made out of Art. Then I followed his work and met him a few times, but it was in March of last year when I finally got to be sculpted by him.

I still had locks back then, and she had a hairdresser’s booth at Beauty Revolution. He was exactly the person I expected him to be, super cocky and super cool. It’s great to see it grow as one of the best hair advertising agencies in Mzansi. Of course, she has done stunning hairstyles for famous artists like Bussiswa, Boiti, Nandi Madida, Shudufhazo Musida, and Elsa Majimbo. However, he also paid attention to his role.

As a fashionista, Dlova understands how to wear universally beautiful hairstyles. We were blown away by the colorful braid of the crown, which she not only wears as a hair ornament but can also be used as a tennis racket.

Last year I decided to incorporate weaving techniques into my hair art, and this has changed my perspective on hair; for example, this head can be ahead, cleavage, wall decoration, etc. I love how my love of fashion, art, and textiles combine. I hope this inspires thee to change the way you look at things and see the best of them,” said Dlova.

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With his creative arts, the Soviet-born star reached the Indaba Emerging Creative class in 2021. With his work celebrating the beauty of hair, he wants to show people how beautiful African culture is and how limitless our creativity is. Below are some of their best works.

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