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Mine’ Is About Extravagance, Wonder, And Style On The Government And The Media.

Mine’ Is About Extravagance, Wonder, And Style On The Government And The Media.


Key Sentence:

  • I ought to have quickly speculated that Mine would not resemble some other Korean show I had watched previously.
  • The tone was unique, just like the cinematography, set plan, and obviously, the closet.

Minutes into the main scene, I stopped it. Was that cloister adherent conveying a Hermes Birkin sack? I squeezed play. She was strolling with the lady wearing what gave off an impression of being a creator coat, a Salvatore Ferragamo pack, and a Fendi watch. What’s more, those were only the appetizers. An entire debauched buffet, complete with every one of the decorations and liberal treats, was hanging tight for me.

Mine is a Korean show around two ladies wedded to a fantastic family, the Hans. However, their reality is shaken when two new ladies – a coach and a house cleaner – come into their lives, and their essence compromises their remaining in the family.

The Han family is what South Koreans call a “chaebol” family, which implies they own a business realm (the HyoWon Group) with different interests across various ventures. This enables them to control the organization. However, it has an impact on the government and the media.

Hello, Soo is heartfelt, loves prints, and is ultra ladylike, while Seo-hyun wears cutting-edge power suits with a trace of gentility. However, they are so extraordinary yet also so similar in their reasoning and how they approach their difficulties in the family, which remembers a mother-for-law and sister-in-law with horrendous angry outbursts, spouses who are disengaged, and staff who are disengaged are meddling.

In particular, they get along, and it’s invigorating that the chief, Lee Na Jang, has coordinated the show for the female look. The men are not considered nor are they excessively significant – this story is about the ladies. However, the series doesn’t hold back on showing exactly how wealthy the family is. Their compound home is modern, stylish, and reasonably enormous in the passages.

And afterward, the living region is hotter and extravagantly embellished with compelling artwork and planner earthenware production and porcelain, which a portion of the relatives have around in tantrums of fury.

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