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Mandela Month Give Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund By 67 Organizations Of Freedom 67s.

Mandela Month Give Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund By 67 Organizations Of Freedom 67s.

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Key Sentence:

  • To close off Mandela Month, HI-TEC®, including Hoorah, has gifted 67 sets of the Freedom.
  • 67s shoe opportunity ministers to give to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund (NMCF) and praise the late President Mandela’s inheritance.

HI-TEC made the restricted version of tennis shoes to observe Nelson Mandela’s heritage. Also, to urge the worldwide local area to recollect his excursion and, more critically, venture into his perspective and proceed with the long stroll of opportunity.

Individual Freedom Ambassadors gifted in the shoes incorporate Khaya Dlanga, Zola Nene, Seth Shezi, Schalk Bezuidenhout, DJ Speedsta, and Jimmy Nevis. Hoorah Digital Consulting is glad to be essential for this drive that keeps on regarding Mandela’s heritage.

“Our revelation of this significant piece of brand history enlivened us to make cultural upliftment, using these notorious shoes as a stage for change. The underlying positive notion and assets raised for the NMCF show that plan thinking supported by imagination for great is generally embraced,” says Simon Spreckley, an inventive boss official of Hoorah Digital Consulting. To help the NMCF, Hoorah Digital has vowed R50 000 for a couple of Freedom 67s.

On Mandela’s birthday, July 18, HI-TEC facilitated a closeout to offer 66 sets of the Freedom 67s to raise assets for the NMCF.

“This July, we are keeping Madiba’s heritage alive: To keep on making opportunities for other people, including youngsters. We are re-delivering this notorious tennis shoe, the Freedom 67 vessel, to 66 people who can have the greatest effect in making opportunity for other people,” HI-TEC South Africa said.

During his 27-year-old victim, President Mandela spent most of his time in a simple pair of HI-TEC® tennis shoes. Fight for independence so that we can all be free one day, especially our beloved South African children. The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund (NMCF) was founded in 1995 by President Mandela. Its mission is to address the everyday challenges South African children face. “The main objective and priority of this campaign are to raise funds for the NMCF,” said Andrea Engelbrecht, HI-TEC® South Africa Marketing Manager.

A limited-edition of 67 pairs of HI-TEC® Freedom Grails 67 donated to the Freedom Ambassador to donate to the NMCF and raise awareness of President Mandela’s legacy and the Freedom Together campaign. Another 1,200 pairs of Freedom 67 in Tier 1 will be released, followed by 2,000 teams of Freedom 67 in Tier 2.

“Mr. Nelson Mandela wants Freedom for everyone, and with this in mind, we wanted to make these sneakers accessible in the wider South African region so that everyone can feel empowered to walk in their place. We remain true to their cause and are committed to donating a portion of every pair sold to NMCF. In addition, Hoorah Digital has pledged R50,000 for a pair of 67, so we can make a small difference,” said Simon Spreckley, a chief creative officer of Hoorah Digital Consulting.

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