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Aplexo’s new single is on the way.

Aplexo’s new single is on the way.

Aplexo Ready.!!

While he built a huge following with his productions, DJ sets, and mix series, he remained a mystery to both fans and the industry. As the Melodic House, Tech House style is gaining in popularity, and after thinking for a while during the quarantine, DJ Aplexo is now stepping into the spotlight.

Born in Brooklyn, Aplexo started his music career at a young age. He has performed in many nightclubs in New York and abroad. He worked as an arranger for Electronic Dance and is now a Tech House DJ.

The 32-year-old DJ Aplexo has been on the rise since his debut. He is currently producing new songs in his own studio and has just completed his new single album. Saying that he is very excited, DJ Aplexo has made albums for hundreds of DJs in the music market. Now it’s my turn and he says he will release a new single every two months.

He performed in hundreds of clubs at the Aplexo nightlife event.

“I’m so excited to be back after being away from Music for over a year”.

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At the last club, I played “Connecting with a great audience was like reuniting with friends”.

Having spent about ten years on stage, Aplexo is on the way to the top, mixing Tech House sounds and new music.

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