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Meet Maresz Sosa, a young artist taking over the field of music as a recording artist and record label owner.

Meet Maresz Sosa, a young artist taking over the field of music as a recording artist and record label owner.

The Peckham Boy Maresz drops his debut project “No Exaggeration (EP)”.

It is quite surreal to know and understand the life stories of certain individuals and professionals across fields of the world, who believe in their visions and put every possible effort to thrive in their respective industries and inspire greatness in the same through their incredible hard work and resilience. The world of music is one which has given birth to many such talented beings, out of which one name that has been making a lot of buzz recently is Maresz Sosa, a young musical talent who has shown his excellence not just as a recording artist, but also as the Founder and CEO of “For Life Entertainment Ltd”, an independent record label and an artist development company founded in 2020.

Wondering who is Maresz Sosa? Well, this UK artist has been going all out to help independent artists with a blueprint to maximize their full potential with confidence to receive results through his company. He hails from Peckham, London, United Kingdom, and confesses how as a kid, he began rapping in school and became very involved with the creative process, from arranging shoots to promoting releases. Through the process, he understood how only a few artists had the right opportunities or resources. Hence, Maresz Sosa decided to start his own artist management company and a label to sign various artists for profits.

Maresz Sosa is more than excited for his latest project called “No Exaggeration (EP)”, which he will be releasing on 1st November 2021 on all major platforms. Talking about the same, Maresz Sosa says, “This is an experimental EP which I’ve been working on throughout the last year 2020, recreating my rap style using melodic harmonies and traditional UK aggressive delivery over the beats.” Adding further, he talks about how the idea came about to him. He came up with his EP when he realized how his music is an expression of his emotions, which he doesn’t exaggerate much on lyrically. Hence, the title “No Exaggeration” fits perfectly, for he has expressed his emotions and stories and of others as well.

Maresz Sosa says that he loves artists growing, networking and enjoying more in the music scene. Also, he thinks he stands apart from the rest because he is a versatile talent who, with this project, planned everything on his own, like production, distribution, promotion, EP artwork. He is also a self-taught graphic designer who created the artwork for his EP and has excelled as a director as well for all his videos.

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In the next five years, Maresz Sosa aims to establish For Life Entertainment as a music entity, connected well internationally with upcoming and established artists worldwide and wants to attain much more as a recording artist.

To know more, follow him on Instagram @maresz_pb4l.

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