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Jazzy K new music videos “Trap House” Produced by Jay-Z, Snoop Dog, and drake

Jazzy K new music videos “Trap House” Produced by Jay-Z, Snoop Dog, and drake

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Jazzy K is an Australian singer and songwriter, who has currently released her new music video along with Jay-Z, Snoop Dog, Drake, Mary J. Blige, and more. It was her first music video where she has worked with Multi-Grammy Winning Producer Mars.

Jazzy K got a chance to release her music videos when she was Performing Live music in Los Angeles. Where MY Guy Mars name was an audience in that live show who offered her to work on the music videos. That’s where she got a chance to show her “Trap House” Lyrics.

How Jazzy K made her breakthrough in Music Field

When Jazzy K was so much interesting in the song but most of the friend and father family used to laugh at her. Though, she wasn’t that good in some genres so everybody seems to have little faith in her voice. However, after a lot of requests from her father he took her to the talent quest.

There she sang “Who Knew” dong by pink. As she started singing the song judges thought that they were playing Pink version of “Who Knew” music. Her father was also amazed that she could sing so perfectly on the stage. After that, she began singing in live music. While performing live music at she met Mars who loved her voice and offer to work with her. After a week later they met in the studio in LA and looked at her “Trap House”. Mars Loved those lyrics and agreed to release the music. The

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How you were feeling while working on your first music videos

It was amazing when I was working for own music video along with popular singer including Mars, Jay-Z, Drake, Snoop Dog, and Mary. J. It was hard for me to believe that I was getting offers to release my music from Multi-Grammy Winning singer mars.

Besides this, I also learned a lot of things from the different singers. I have a lot of music videos on the way to be released so very soon I will be releasing them as well. Besides this, I also learned to be positive as sometimes things can turn out differently than we have expected. Opportunity is like everywhere you need to have the proper knowledge and needs to have strong why you need that opportunity. These things will help you to move forwards.

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