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Loyalty Above All continues its hard work & consistency

Loyalty Above All continues its hard work & consistency

We’ve all heard the saying “There’s no I in team”, well the same holds for CEO Zac Hiller and his rockstar team at LAA. A boutique sports and entertainment agency, Loyalty Above All works with, not just for, athletes and influencers to expand their brands.

LAA took off running five years ago and hasn’t stopped making impressive moves ever since. Founder Zac Hiller, secured over $100 million in contracts before his 30th birthday and was recently named as one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 for sports in 2021. Along with Hiller, Matt Leist and Director of Marketing Eric Dounn run the show making the agency team is the youngest in the industry by a wide margin. 

“Being able to relate to the next generation in sports and entertainment has enabled us to build something truly unique.” Eric Dounn With an emphasis on creating strategic partnerships with like-minded athletes and influencers, LAA has set itself apart from old school models which no longer serve clients in a landscape of evolving opportunities. The agency has even built a platform for athletes to monetize their likeness, creating a passive revenue stream. This makes LAA’s clients money when they’re not even officially on the clock.

“Athletes should have full control over their careers.” Matt Leist

“Teaching our clients to monetize their worth through their signature is imperative.” Eric Dounn

Loyalty Above All represents star NFL talents such as Minnesota Vikings Pro Bowler Dalvin Cook, Baltimore Ravens running back J.K. Dobbins, and even retired future Hall of Fame cornerback Darrelle Revis. Their entertainment roster is also growing by leaps and bounds with stars such as Bob Menery, and Ray Emmanuel happily calling LAA home. By selling memorabilia and merchandise directly to fans, LAA has effectively cut out the middle man ensuring its clients or their favorite charity reap all of the earnings that they deserve.

One such example is Dalvin Cook’s chef clothing line with all proceeds going to charity. 

“Everything our client’s touch, wear, or put their name on has value. That value can be exponential in terms of building a brand and leaving a legacy.” Eric Dounn

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LAA customizes a marketing strategy for every client and that customized approach is paying off in spades. Dalvin Cook has been having an amazing spark in his career while rookie J.K. Dobbins has also been a bright spot on the Baltimore Ravens offense. As the name suggests, loyalty, combined with a diligent work ethic, allows the agency and its clients to be massively successful today while also setting up a clear path to prosperity for the long haul. 

The company plans to add many more unique and valuable resources to its agency and its clients such as press releases incredible sources. As well as a digital presence to continue to evolve with modern time and stand out against the competition .

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