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The Jesus Also Mary Chain Claimed Warner For £1.8 Million Concerning Copyright Violation.

The Jesus Also Mary Chain Claimed Warner For £1.8 Million Concerning Copyright Violation.

The Jesus and Mary chain

Key Sentence:

  • The Jesus and Mary chain sued the Warner Song Institute (WMG) for $2.5 million (£1.77 million) copyright infringement.
  • After the organization refused to take over five albums, including their debut album, 1985’s Psychocanda, to surrender.

In the lawsuit filed in California, Jim and William Reed cited Section 203 of the U.S. The Copyright Act 1976, which allows authors to require copyright owners to return rights 35 years after the work was published, reports Pitchfork.

On January 7, 2019, Reeds submitted letters of resignation regarding Psychocandes, Dark Lands (1987), Kisses with Barbed Wire (1988), Automated (1989), and Useless to Honey (1992), as well as several episodes and singles, the latter of which may be released. On January 8, 2019. Back January 2021. They claim that Psychocandity’s end date is January 22, 2021; the remaining albums will be discontinued from 2022 onwards.

In December 2020, a lawyer for the WMG label rhino Reids suggested: “Our [WMG predecessor] became the ‘creator’ of the observed work and the primary creator of the observed work,” while the band signed with wea in 1985. “As a result, You do not own the copyright to the recordings you can complete.”

Evans Cohen, an attorney from Reids, said the label “completely ignored” the group’s property rights.

He wrote: “Despite the law returning U.S. rights to the group, wmg continues to use these recordings and thus knowingly infringes on the copyrights of our subscribers. This behavior must be stopped. Legal issues in this healthy industry are fundamental to the melody industry. “The band’s latest album is 2017’s Damage and Joy, their first in 19 years. The group officially disbanded in 1999 and was no longer tagged in 1998 after canceling tours to the United States and Japan.

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In 2007 they came together with a full presentation at the California Coachella Festival. A reunion is not reconciliation, Jim Reed instructed parents in 2017. “The group was further back, and we were betting on gambling, but there was… we weren’t sure… everything was great right now – and it wasn’t great. However, we have tackled all kinds of topics at every turn.

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