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A former winner of the title “Miss South Africa” ​​who chose the top 30 this year.

A former winner of the title “Miss South Africa” ​​who chose the top 30 this year.

Liesl Laurie

Key Sentence:

  • The Miss South Africa 2021 has started, and former titleholders are poised to select the top 30.
  • As soon as the Miss SA 2021 nominations are completed, the jury will select 30 women who will advance to the next round.

Former Bokang Montjane-Tshabalala (2010), Liesl Laurie (2015), Melinda Bam (2011), and Tamaryn Green (2018) will check the participation forms and videos before the opening on Tuesday, 6 July.

Bam, who was inducted into the Miss SA jury for the first time, was looking for someone familiar with this generation’s social and global issues. “I’m also looking for someone direct but diplomatic, to deal with these issues with superior emotional intelligence and to talk to South African companies while being a familiar and comforting face to our community,” he explained.

She said, “What worked so well for me when I took part in Miss South Africa was being very authentic and being myself, no matter how clichéd it sounded. “I know that in 2015 I have to shine like Liesl Laurie.

“There’s no way I could leave the title if I imitated Rolene Strauss, Melinda Bam, or Tatum Keshwar or all the women who came before me. “I had to stay true to the young girl from the city and embrace her, knowing that this was my strength and my pre-eminent quality.

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“I am the true definition of the Cinderella story, and I am proud to have it.” Stephanie Weil, CEO of Miss South Africa, is confident in the jury she chose. “Who better to choose the top 30 former titleholders who have replaced this year’s entrants this year and who can bring out the best from each candidate and offer the right advice in the process.

“They know what qualities a Miss South Africa candidate must have to represent this country on the international stage,” she said. Shudufadzo Musida won Miss SA 2020.

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