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Jamie King Returns Unexpected Hairstyles On A large Scale To Her Friend Rachel Goodwin.

Jamie King Returns Unexpected Hairstyles On A large Scale To Her Friend Rachel Goodwin.

Jamie King

Key Sentence:

  • The latest hair trends in Hollywood will bring you some serious nostalgia.
  • Jaime King is the newest celeb to get a fresh perm, and we’re plagued with the results!

The 38-year-old Spirit of Dixie actress documented her time in the barber’s chair on Instagram and showed all the steps that lead to the perfect perm. In the first photo, she is eating a hamburger with her hair twisted into a permanent rod and yelling at the inscription of Los Angeles-based hairstylist Kylie Fitzgerald on the note.

Next, you can see her hair curling, healing, and drying. In the caption, she wrote that these were her first curls in third grade, which begs the question: is there a photo of Baby Jaime with rings?!

Don’t forget to drag to the following image to see the final look! We love the curls on it. King is also not the only actress who has recently received curls. Emma Stone also visits Salon Mare for a bow with her friend Rachel Goodwin.

Curly gesture hugs the nation – which star do you think will hug curly hair?!

The Funny TeeAddison Rae is Y2K’s return queen (she’s even been spotted wearing a Von Dutch hat), so of course, so we weren’t too surprised to see her Britney Spears channel. Circa 2002 (Remember “Dump Him -Tea”)? Icon.

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This sarcastic graphic trio is something they took from Depop, but a similar version can be found on TeePublic. What news! The TikTok star also announced that they would be out in May feeling sexy and sad wearing this oversized version with leggings, sneakers, and a bag of furry purple hands.

If Bella Hadid has a trend, it’s almost guaranteed to be everywhere in a few months, so are tops and chassis. We’re therefore ready, of course, to follow suit with their own silly, harsh Tootsie Pop Tea, many of which are available on Depop.

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