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The New Lipstick That Everyone Longing Continues Consuming This Summer A 90-Degree Day.

The New Lipstick That Everyone Longing Continues Consuming This Summer A 90-Degree Day.

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Key Sentence:

  • The lip color is worth a try now that the masks are (mostly) off. Also, makeup generally doesn’t feel like a wasted effort anymore.

If your summer 2021 goal to make up for a year of lost time includes switching between some of your favorite lipstick shades, beauty brands are on the same wavelength. New lipsticks are starting at a dizzying pace. And many formulas are perfect for summer because they offer sweat-resistant, long-lasting comfort and don’t feel like a glitch – like wearing jeans on a 90-degree day.

Whether you’re a fan of matte liquid lipsticks or foolproof tinted lip balms, the summer 2021 launch of lipsticks covers all the basics. Next up, the ten best new lipsticks to walk you through this summer’s episodic girl. Lancome L’Absolu Rouge Drama Ink Light liquid lipstick
Best summer lipstick

Lancôme’s Rouge Drama Ink may look like a medium lipstick, but its semi-matte formula with high pigment content provides a non-drying color. In addition, thanks to the curved foot applicator, no lip liner is needed to avoid bleeding. So De Vivre is a delicate rose that looks just like your lips but better.

For shopping: $28;

Milani Color Finish Matt The Nudes Collection
Best summer lipstick

Nude lipstick is not for everyone. However, Milani has covered a new nude collection with six shades for various skin tones for those who love neutral matte lipsticks all year round. Take Desire, for example, a bar of rich chocolate with a rich hue. The creamy formula offers high pigmentation and a supply of moisture for comfort – regardless of whether it’s in alternating current or humidity.
For shopping: $9;

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Maybelline Color Sensational Ultimate Sheer Lipstick
Best summer lipstick

Maybelline’s super-glossy lipstick offers impressive color release all at once. So if you are looking for an orange-red color that is as hot as the weather forecast, More Scarlet is right for you.
For shopping: $9;

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