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PLAYY Is All Set To Drop The Newest Record “Hot Topic”

PLAYY Is All Set To Drop The Newest Record “Hot Topic”

The Grammy-nominated writer teased his huge fan base with a ‘Making video’ on YouTube recently to which his fans can’t contain their excitement.

Of all the things that have attracted and hold on to people’s attention the most, the emergence and rise of certain young talents and professionals across industries and fields have made the most headlines. The level of momentum and the kind of success these young talents have been gaining only goes to show how passionately they have moved their way to the top and have carved a unique niche for themselves, for whatever they have chosen to lay their hands on. Talking about the creative and artistic industries, how could we not mention about the consistent growth of the music industry, all thanks to the younger brigade for bringing in their fresh sound, enthusiasm and a whole new vibe, creating magic with each of their beats and tracks. Doing exactly that and striving to reach excellence in the same is Playy, a growing rapper, writer and artist par excellence.

What is making more buzz around him is the teasing of his new track called “Hot Topic”, for which Playy can’t contain his excitement and so his fans. Recently, he dropped a ‘making video’ of the track and people went gaga over it already, wanting him to release it soon. Choosing to be a part of the music industry in the US in itself need guts and brave decisions; given the ever-evolving and competitive industry it is, packed with many outstanding musical players. However, Playy, who always found a close inclination towards music from the beginning, was clear about his goals. Hence, he jumped into the industry to offer something new to his listeners and engage them at a profound level with his rapping, writings and musical vibe.

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He has to his credit, an incredible 2 EPs, singles and many other songs as an artist. A lot of the acclaim came to him for his hook for the smash ‘My Chick Bad’, which was recorded by Ludacris and featured Nicki Minaj, hitting the #2 spot on the Billboard R&B/Hip Hop charts. What’s even more scintillating about this young talent is that he has been a Grammy-nominated writer in 2011, who has many hit tracks under his belt. The Houston, Texas-based artist may relatively be a newcomer, but he has definitely gone ahead in shining bright in the industry with the exceptional work he has done in the industry. Hot Topic is becoming the ‘hot topic’ indeed in the American music scene currently, and his fans and followers are all excited for the same. To connect with him, follow him on Instagram and YouTube @playy2day

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