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Confidence is the new sexy, says the top model Elba Prescolí.

Confidence is the new sexy, says the top model Elba Prescolí.

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Being comfortable with yourself is what redefines sexy, from outer appearance to inner strength.

“It’s no longer about what others think of you, it’s about what you think of yourself that makes you sexy,” says the spanish model Elba Prescoli, who made a difference with her solidarity initiative to support pandemic victims last year. According to her, beauty is much more than just good looks and hourglass figure, it goes far beyond that. There are many who are beautiful but are not confident and there are women who do not top in the looks chart but exude extreme confidence and accept the way they are, confidently, that according to Elba is sexy. The inner strength and self-belief in who you are, being confident with your body and the way you carry yourself is what matters. She says, “You deserve to feel good about yourself all the time, but many women are not comfortable in their own skin. Whether it’s not liking your own reflection in the mirror or because you want to look younger, whatever might be the reason, it’s time to accept your body and feel confident about it.”

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Elba strongly feels that loving your body and feeling good about yourself will find you the much required confidence to move ahead in life. You need to step out of your comfort zone, enjoy what you love doing, and become the best version of yourself. There are thousands of reasons to celebrate woman power, and you should never miss out on any. Loving yourself, the way you look and treating your body in a better way is essential to being sexy and desirable. Just embrace the way you are and see the change it makes in your life.”

To know more about Elba, follow her on Instagram @elbaprescooli.

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