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Bruce Lee Was A ‘Secret Medication User Setting Up A Forthcoming Film.

Bruce Lee Was A ‘Secret Medication User Setting Up A Forthcoming Film.

Bruce Lee

Key Sentence:

  • New letters seem to uncover that combative techniques star Bruce Lee was a mysterious medication client.

Lee passed on in 1973 at 32 years old from cerebrum edema, and letters kept in touch with his companion and individual entertainer Robert Baker before his demise, uncover his revealed reliance on drugs. The notes seem to find that Baker provided Lee with drugs – including cocaine, LSD, and cannabis – from 1969 until his unfavorable passing.

They were found at a swap meet and sold through Heritage Auctions in Dallas, who have verified the letters. A representative for Heritage Auctions said: “Bruce Lee is the most compelling military craftsman ever also a mainstream society symbol about the twentieth century, and these letters show he kept a hazardous secret.”

There are various manually written letters from Lee to Baker – who passed on matured 52 of every 1993 – in the sale, with one appearance Lee requesting coke which he inferred would assist him with setting up a forthcoming film.

He stated: “Stoned as heck, however, am chipping away at the up-coming character…Some coke would help…” In another letter, he said: “COKE (in enormous sum),” “Corrosive (in considerable measure),” and “HASH OR GRASS,” alongside an inquiry about “psilocybin,” otherwise called sorcery mushrooms.

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There rehashed requests of “C,” “coke,” and “Coca-Cola” in the letters, alongside “blessed stuff,” “super,” “M pills,” “H oil,” and others. A considerable lot of the letters utilized Lee’s own Jeet Kune Do letterhead writing supplies, and in 1970, there was a reference to stopping drugs.

Referring to his significant other Linda, Lee expressed: “I advised Linda to call you to disregard the ‘stuff’ since I truly needn’t bother with them in my preparation. I feel that I have ‘acquired’ in attempting them, yet little guilty pleasure of them isn’t in my street in Jeet Kune Do.” Be that as it may, in 1972, when he left the US and moved to Hong Kong, there was a solicitation for “guidance on the chance of delivery some coke to me”.

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