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Win Two Sets Of Fungo Perusing Glasses Esteemed At R459 Each More Modest Countenances.

Win Two Sets Of Fungo Perusing Glasses Esteemed At R459 Each More Modest Countenances.

David Green Eyewear,

Key Sentence:

  • As innovation progresses, we as a whole keep on utilizing blue-light radiating screens aimlessly.
  • Realizing that it very well might be influencing our eye-wellbeing and rest…

With fungo Blue Block perusers by David Green Eyewear, the uplifting news is that you would now be able to utilize your telephone, PC, tablet, and TV with certainty. Fungo understanding glasses are the firsts in this market, planned in Cape Town, have been created to impede this blue light source specifically.

Which can cause eye weakness and strain. In addition, you’ll look in vogue while getting alleviation and solace. They even have a focal point for individuals with 20-20 vision. Look over an assortment of shadings and four plans to suit any face: half, oval, square shape, and round, with an unimposing model for more modest countenances.

Fungo Blue Block optometric quality architect perusing glasses from David Green Eyewear is made with standard optical pivots and rubber treated completion for predominant solace and arrive in a clever zipper case.

Need to perceive what they resemble on you? For more data, visit and utilize the offugo ‘virtual take a stab at’ cutting edge innovation. Genius Tip: practice the 20/20/20 guideline when using advanced gadgets: at regular intervals, center around something 20 feet (around 6 m) away for 20 seconds and dream briefly.

Accessible from driving optometrists. Retail cost from R459.


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Three fortunate IOL perusers have a possibility of winning two sets of fungo perusing glasses esteemed at R459 each. The graph beating vocalist currently can hardly wait for her fans to hear her new music. The insider added: “The collection will be delivered very soon, and she is energized for the world to hear it.”

Kindly note:

Rivalry closes August 1, 2021, and is available to anybody dwelling in South Africa.

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