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Zozi Tunzi Clapped In Response To The Troll And Commented On His Weight.

Zozi Tunzi Clapped In Response To The Troll And Commented On His Weight.

Zozi Tunzi

Key Sentence:

  • Body shame is a real problem. Not only adults experience it, but the weak are also embarrassing for the body.
  • Former Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi became a victim of disgrace when someone made negative comments about her weight.

The Tulu-born celebrity posted a photo wearing a blue cropped top and matching skirt, with the caption, “If you wear cute outfits and hate all images, one day you’ll be like… wait a minute! He gave almost what he should have given. “

Many people seem to like their cute outfits. However, there is one troll who decides to influence and show how weak Tunzi is. “Miss Universe is over; now you can start eating,” said the troll. Because she is a calm woman, Tunzi replied: “Aren’t you ashamed?”

His followers also came to his defense and told the troll how to get out. “It’s so fun watching the business, so I have to try it one day,” replied @hewing_d to the troll.

While some people feel good about commenting on someone’s weight, they don’t. Everyone experiences their things. Michael B. Jordan also pledged to freeze their social media accounts for 24 hours to keep the campaign updated. We all fight different battles and whether someone has put on weight or weight is not your job to show it.

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If you don’t have everything positive to say about someone’s appearance, keep your opinion to yourself. There is no shortage to tell anyone about their appearance that they no longer remember. You live in this body, so believe me when I say that you are aware of every little change; it doesn’t have to be a mirror of you.

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