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The King Of Connections; PR King Derrian “Phreshy” Perry and the IAP Brand continues to ascend amidst Ups & Downs

The King Of Connections; PR King Derrian “Phreshy” Perry and the IAP Brand continues to ascend amidst Ups & Downs

As this year and overall season continues to prove itself “Unpredictable”, One thing we can continue to count on is the upward ascension of The IAP Brand as its Owner and CEO Derrian “Phreshy” Perry continues to put in the work, Building Relationships and Maintaining one of the most exclusive clientele’s a Boutique PR Firm could acquire.

With fashion as his first love, celebrity stylist, Derrian “Phreshy” Perry started building his professional portfolio by styling celebrities such as Tami Roman, Solange, and a member of Beyonce’s exclusive entourage as the Formation Tour made its international impact.

Fast Forward a few years, “Phreshy” has become known within the Industry as “The King of Connections” amidst many ups and downs. After having a conversation with an industry insider, J. Mulan “The Culture Queen” he realized the time had come for him to reconsider his career choice and pursue the exciting yet unpredictable path of “Public Relations”.

The “Power Of Our Peers” often times has the potential to either lift us up and creatives and or discourage us. Fortunately, For Phreshy he has always had the support of the majority of his colleagues and often times pours the wealth of knowledge that has been bestowed upon him back into his Social Media Community via his Live’s that promote Manifestation, Maintaining Mental Health and All Things PR!

The combination of both his incomparable creativity and his forever growing Rolodex opened up an endless waterfall of opportunities that landed him in positions working closely, alongside countless celebrity clientele such as Justin and Christian Combs and Jilly Anais under the J. Mulan  Agency imprint at the time.

Like most Multi-Talented Creatives, he desired more and it was incredibly clear to his peers that he was just getting started!

Armed with an iPhone and a dream, Phreshy quickly learned how to navigate within and around a whole new world. Eager to continue his ascension, He moved to Atlanta, Georgia from Houston, Texas with nothing but a heart full of determination. Fortunately, He has friends who also believed in him enough to accommodate him as best as they could. This led Phreshy down a very humbling path of couch surfing and even sleeping on floors when he had to, but that didn’t stop him from doing exactly what he came to do. Although he was starting from the bottom, Perry used every opportunity to elevate in this new space the world knows as “Black Hollywood”.

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Less than 5 years later, Phreshy’s IAP BRAND has become one of the fastest growing PR firms owned by an African American male to date! It’s safe to say we are now in the Presence of “Black Hollywood Royalty” and we love to see and feel it!

In our eyes, Phreshy is just as much of a “Star” as the ones he represents. This is probably because there is never any effort of his own to perpetuate that but it’s what shines through! Uniquely himself, We celebrate his success.

With a future so bright, We can only imagine where Derrian “Phreshy” Perry is headed as his rapidly growing career continues to thrive in space where African-American Men absolutely belong!

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