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Meet Smiles Official, a real talent in music.

Meet Smiles Official, a real talent in music.

Whether it is his writing skills in music or his unique sound, Smiles Official has struck a chord with listeners and music lovers.

It is amazing to know about people crossing boundaries and creating their unique niche in their chosen industries. Today, increasing numbers of youngsters have come forward to showcase their talents in different industries, with the aim to take them over as true-blue professionals thriving off of their hard work, creative thinking abilities, perseverance and passion. These qualities have allowed a few of them to make waves in their industries and inspire many others along their journeys. The music industry is also one space that overflows with such talented beings; still, certain talented beings have stood apart, thanks to the uniqueness they have offered through their musical craft. We came across one such talented man from the US named “Smiles Official”, who is emerging as one of the most promising musical artists, putting into play his witty wordplay and clever rhetoric to write music.

Who is Smiles Official, you ask? Well, this young talent has a rich Haitian/Jamaican background and, since the very beginning, felt a close inclination towards music and food. He was raised in Cutler Ridge, Miami, FL, where he launched his career as a rap artist. However, he was also known in the city for his athletic excellence in football and track.

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Over the years, Smiles Official kept honing his skills and broadened his network, which allowed him to work with Deuce Mob. This led Smiles Official to also find a temporary line of business as a party DJ. During Summer 2008, Smiles Official was also invited to take the stage at Club Tuckers, which was honoured by a rich guest list including names like Grind Mode, Larry Dogg, and Piccolo. This particular evening changed his life, and Smiles Official became determined in his visions to make it huge in the music scene.

He truly stands apart from others with his unique sound, which he calls Mood Music, setting the moods right for music lovers and listeners. This passionate musical talent released many mixtapes in just a year, including “PDM: Panty Dropping Music,” which became a favourite among the ladies. Across South Florida, he has made quite a name for himself, thanks to his power-packed performances.

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