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Meet Nicole Psomas, the celebrated celebrity physical therapist who’s helping people heal after cosmetic plastic surgery.

Meet Nicole Psomas, the celebrated celebrity physical therapist who’s helping people heal after cosmetic plastic surgery.

She is considered a pioneer of plastic surgery recovery with years of rich experience and expertise in the industry.

The way a few industries and sectors have developed and been on a growth spree makes us wonder about the powerful forces that have led to their exponential rise. Well, there could be several factors, but the relentless efforts, passion, and unparalleled ideas and visions of a few professionals are things that lead these industries to extraordinary success levels. Doing the same and making her name count in the medical world is one such passionate soul and a celebrated physical therapist named Nicole Psomas. This experienced personality of the industry has always remained in the news for all the right reasons and has inspired people worldwide with her work as a physical therapist and as an author.

People hold different opinions and views around cosmetic plastic surgeries; some have the right knowledge and insights, while some others lack the same. Many find themselves unable to deal with the process and aren’t able to prepare themselves enough emotionally, mentally, and physically about what to anticipate post-surgery. This is when the celebrity physical therapist’s book “After The Cut: How To Prepare For and Recover From Cosmetic Plastic Surgery” (@afterthecutbook) enters the picture. The book, which was published in 2019, is a how-to guide that teaches the Psomas Method, founded by Nicole Psomas. After spending 15 years at New York Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Cornell Medical Center as a physical therapist, she introduced the Psomas Method to the world. With a focus on mind, body, and home, the coveted internationally recognized celebrity physical therapist’s action-oriented approach has allowed all her patients to maximize their post-surgery results and appearance, preventing complications, increasing range of motion, decreasing swelling, increasing sensation, reducing pain, and minimizing scar tissue.

Her experience of working with the famed New York City surgeons took her towards pioneering her preparation and recovery method for cosmetic plastic surgery. Some of the many surgeries she achieved expertise in, include liposuction, breast implants, breast reduction, tummy tucks, facelifts, buttock implants, rhinoplasty, and more. On asking her what inspires her in life, Nicole Psomas highlights that every inefficient mediocre system that people put up with inspires her to create revolutions in the industry. She has been helping people maximize their results and recovery after surgery so they can look and feel their best safely; that’s what she feels passionate about. Nicole has had the pleasure of working with many influential and familiar faces like television hosts, actors, politicians, corporate CEOs, international figures, socialites, and TV personalities.

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Today, Nicole Psomas is known for being the pioneer of plastic surgery recovery, attaining incredible experience and technique, practicing her own method for over 13 years on patients.

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