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Toki Mats Brings Love and Care Into Your Child’s Play Area


Toki Mats is a mom-founded start-up that sells one-of-a-kind play mats made from non-toxic, natural materials. Cushier than carpet, and far easier to clean, these play mats offer little ones a safe and comfortable environment to bond and explore. Created by Eli Yonas, a mother and entrepreneur, the beloved business is bringing modern, reliable play mats to babies and toddlers all over the nation.

Yonas has made it her mission to create the safest, most comfortable play mats that are as functional as they are beautiful. The emerging company is bringing an innovative approach to its niche with plant-derived latex foam and two types of mat covers in organic cotton and vegan leather. The latex foam core creates a soft and bouncy feel that offers incomparable comfort and durability for the children using it. Both types of covers are fully removable and conveniently machine-washable. However, the newly-introduced vegan leather cover is entirely waterproof, allowing for mess-free play with a quick and easy cleanup. Along with the high-quality, durable materials and removable covers, the products are fully portable with their foldable design and built-in carrying handles. The combination of these unique features differentiates Toki Mats products from its competitors and makes the products truly usable everywhere for indoor and outdoor play.

Toki Mats was born in the midst of Yonas’ maternity leave, after she found herself in a predicament that many parents are familiar with. She had searched endlessly for products that met her expectations and standards when considering safety, effectiveness, and aesthetics, only to keep coming up short when it came to play mats. Dissatisfied with what the market had to offer, Yonas took it upon herself to fill that gap and create a product that she and other parents could wholly trust to be safe and comfortable for their babies.

Yonas couldn’t figure out how the existing options in one of the industry’s most heavily-used and crucially-designed niches could be so impractical for parents and children. To create the softest, highest quality, non-toxic play mat on the market, she conceptualized the model by keeping her own children’s safety at the forefront of her mind. Motivated and inspired by her own love as a mother, Yonas was able to earn the trust of other parents with the same values and concerns. Toki Mats is a company that thoughtfully and strategically crafts its products with a mother’s touch and warmth, as evidently seen in Yonas’ execution throughout the growth and development of her business.

Distinguished by the dense, springy cushioning that only latex foam can provide, Toki Mats’ products are built to last well beyond babyhood and for years on end. Based on customer feedback since the brand’s inception in 2017, families have responded positively to the soft, comfortable mats that support gross motor development and look beautiful in their homes. Parents love the modern colors and prints, while babies and toddlers are attracted to the colorful, playful designs. The socially and environmentally responsible effort has landed Toki Mats on viral lists ranging from “Newborn Must Haves” to “Products for Greener Parenting,” with many more publications praising their ongoing success. However, what excites Yonas and her team the most about the recognition is that she knows they have merely scratched the surface of the innovation she plans to continue bringing to the industry.

Meet Mariam Elhouli, a 33-year-old woman who defines the term “superwoman.”


The brain behind meaningful ventures, this mother to five from Australia is a self-made entrepreneur and award-winning author of fiction.

What really does it take to walk one’s path to success and glory? This is a question everyone around the world who has been working across different sectors, vying to make their mark in their niches, have in common. However, experts across varied industries and those who are today established names worldwide are of the view that sometimes, not following the crowd and acting purely on one’s instincts and guts to create, develop and succeed in businesses and brands is all it takes to make one’s prominent mark in their niches and turn into inspirational success stories for others to know. No one can deny how for women, things have always been more challenging since they have had to manage both work and home, but they have also showcased their courage, tenacity, and pure passion in managing everything and making it all look flawless, just like Mariam Elhouli did as a self-made “mompreneur” from Australia.

The 33-year-old today defines the term “superwoman” in all her glory and is thus deservedly one of the most sought-after names in the business world, whose ceaseless efforts and hard work have thrust her to where she is today, standing tall and proud as the brain behind her ventures, and as an entrepreneur, author, and global role model for women. She is the founder of “Eve’s Skin,” a one-of-a-kind organic and natural skincare brand that was born out of her kitchen table with only a few dollars while juggling a large family and also writing her Amazon best-seller fiction book “The Olive Tree.”

She is a proud mother to five and still has aced the game of both personal and professional lives, becoming a woman of power and influence and a woman every young girl would want to become. She started her family at 16 years and continued her education at Griffith University, attaining a Bachelor’s degree in literature and composition, proving that age is only a number and irrelevant in all aspects of life. Mariam Elhouli is the one who did not stop at the success she attained with Eve’s Skin, creating products that actually worked on people’s skin with everything natural; she went ahead and founded Mica Minerals, her unique makeup line and also a business coaching firm, and the Force de Fem Women’s Empowerment Organization.

At only 33 years, becoming a highly successful mompreneur and business owner, creating meaningful ventures, Mariam Elhouli deserves every bit of the success she has been consistently gaining.

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Nikki Bella Addresses Rumor She & Artem Aren’t Legally Married


Nikki Bella is shooting down a major romance rumor.

The Nikki Bella Says I Do star is addressing recent online claims that she and husband Artem Chigvintsev aren’t legally married, despite tying the knot during their August 2022 wedding in Paris.

“We are,” the former WWE star assured fans during a Jan. 26 Watch What Happens Live appearance. “We have a license in Paris and we have a license here in the U.S. I mean, it’s confidential so I don’t know if someone tried to search for it and couldn’t find it. We’re legally married—twice. Two countries.”

Twin sister Brie Bella, who was serving as bartender on the late-night Bravo talk show, confirmed, “I was witness to both.”

Nikki, 39, and Artem, 40, made things official last summer in the city where they got engaged—Paris—surrounded by a small group of family and friends and, of course, their 2-year-old son Matteo Chigvintsev.

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Why Ted Lasso Fans Should Watch the Series


The inclusion of therapy as its driving narrative force, with complex characters front and center, allows Shrinking to shine as a show about healing.

Innumerable contributing factors make AppleTV+’s Ted Lasso paramount to fans and critics alike. Whether it’s the series’ wholesome approach to life’s wrenches, the witty banter, or the emotional depth, people can find tremendous joy in it no matter what lens they’re watching with. Since its premiere during the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, it’s been a cleansing balm on television, with people asking for more shows like it left and right. And because we now know that the series will likely score its final goal in its upcoming third season, viewers will need something with as much heart to hold them over with.


Developed by Ted Lasso co-creator Bill Lawrence and writer/actor Brett Goldstein along with lead Jason Segel, Apple TV’s newest comedy, Shrinking, is the answer to the outcries. It’s the show that fans of Ted Lasso should watch, knowing what the writers are capable of, as well as its innovative, emotionally overflowing premise. As a series that centers around therapy, with plenty of heart and humor at every turn, its character journeys and astounding cast make it essential viewing. Shrinking is set to air with a double episode premiere on January 27, with new episodes coming weekly.

Therapy is a Key Plot Point

Jason Segel as Jimmy in Shrinking
Apple TV Plus

The last few years have shown an increase in media attempting to break stigmas around mental health, and like Ted Lasso, Shrinking is no exception. In fact, the series embraces therapy from the jump as its key narrative plot point. Shrinking follows Segel’s Jimmy, a therapist whose own grief and inability to process his pain change his ways despite the reservations of people around him. By placing such a substantial topic centerfold, it’s imperative that everyone on and off-screen handles the theme with the grace and meticulous care necessary.

And in its debut season, this is undoubtedly the case, which fans could also rely on for future seasons considering the reputation Lawrence and Goldstein have fortified as writers on Ted Lasso. Shrinking flips the switch on therapy with unconventional turns, but it does so with grief as its overarching universal theme to ensure that viewers will also find means of connecting to the struggles. Whether it’s the patients the therapists each see or their own moments of vulnerability in break rooms or outside of the office, the conversations on the show deal with various wrangles.

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It’s Heartwarming

Harrison Ford and Lukita Maxwell on Shrinking
Warner Bros. Television
Apple TV+

The best part about Shrinking is the show’s undeniably heartwarming essence despite its crude humor and dark narratives at times. The show makes a clear statement about the importance of connecting human beings through laughter while reiterating that a person’s inner battles are seldom on full display. It’s a tale as old as time to acknowledge that those who appear to be the happiest are often the ones struggling the most. And Shrinking confirms that though the series orbits around grief, it’s a story about healing at the end of the day. The series also accomplishes the steady, attentive task of establishing that all classifications of relationships matter. It substantiates that talking things through can be tremendously patching even when instantaneous fruition doesn’t occur.

The show takes an iconic star like Harrison Ford, whose sardonic approach on and off-screen is the perfect paradigm to exhibit how much heart dwells beyond the gruffest exteriors. Ford’s Paul is battling his demons with Parkinson’s disease while concurrently trying to make sure that Jimmy and the people around him stay afloat. The series allows the star to dip his feet deep into the pools of comedy with some incredibly meme-worthy moments while simultaneously entitling him with the platform to bring appropriately timed and thoroughly poignant bouts of vulnerability.

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Character Journeys Feel Earned

Christa MIller in Shrinking
Apple TV Plus

As the series progresses, viewers will get to peel away at nearly every character’s layers to find them in places that feel incredibly relatable. Tia’s loss, played expertly in flashbacks by Lilian Bowden, doesn’t merely affect Jimmy and their daughter Alice (Lukita Maxwell), but it plays a prodigious role in Gabby’s (Jessica Williams) life as well as Liz’s (Christa Miller). As Tia’s best friend and their next-door neighbor, Gabby and Liz navigate through the loss of their friend while simultaneously trying to be a source of comfort for both Jimmy and Alice. The estranged relationships on the show, like with Jimmy’s best friend Michael Urie’s Brian, all contribute to giving the characters a means to connect with each other after a loss that none of them will stop feeling the effects of.

At the same time, newer people into the lives of these characters, like Luke Tennie’s Sean and the regular clients the therapists have, each showcase that growth is seldom a linear path. The series brings healing to the surface through both failed attempts and small breakthroughs, revealing that every character’s journey is significant to showcase that everyone’s a little messed up from something in life. The inclusion of therapy as its driving narrative force with complex characters front and center allows Shrinking to shine a light on the detail that despite the pain, help is not only available, but it’s neither a weakness nor something to be ashamed about — it’s merely a part of life. And amidst its laugh-out-loud sharp humor, Shrinking throws the kind of emotionally drenched bones that are consequential for proper growth.

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Prada Group Details Andrea Guerra’s Salary to Hong Kong Stock Exchange – WWD


PRADA’S FEES: Andrea Guerra is taking on the chief executive officer’s mantle of the Prada Group and details about his salary were released on Friday in a statement confirming the appointment to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, where the group is publicly listed. 

As an executive director of the board, the former Luxottica and LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton executive will be paid a fee of 50,000 euros a year, which could be subjected to review.

As per the employment agreement, the executive’s remuneration, including salary, benefits in kind, pension, health care and TFR contributions, will amount to about 151,180 euros a month in the aggregate. He will also be entitled to a discretionary bonus and other incentives.

Prada granted the emoluments in light of Guerra’s “relevant experience and expertise, responsibilities and duties that he will contribute to strengthening and leading the Group’s operations and his executive role,” stated the group.

In case of the termination of Guerra’s employment by either the executive himself or by the company within the first 12 months, there is a reciprocal penalty of 24 months of his salary plus discretionary bonus (if any); if the termination is after 12 months, there is a golden parachute provision which entitles Guerra to receive a severance payment of 12 months of his salary plus discretionary bonus (if any).

Prada also listed the reasons for employing Guerra. In addition to his experience, the objective is “to facilitate the long-term growth and development of the group,” noting that “his services” are seen as “important and essential.”

As reported, Guerra is viewed as someone who can facilitate the transition until Lorenzo Bertelli, Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli’s son, will become the leader of the group in a few years’ time.

His parents have given up their shared co-CEO title, while remaining executive directors of the board. Miuccia Prada stays on as creative director of Miu Miu and of the Prada brand, the latter with Raf Simons. Patrizio Bertelli is expected to be named chairman this spring.

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Patou Channels ‘Emily in Paris’ With Fashion Show at La Samaritaine – WWD


With a title like “Shopping Chronicles,” Patou’s fall show was always going to be a lighthearted affair.

Arriving on the tail end of 10 days of men’s and couture shows in Paris, the event was held on Friday morning at La Samaritaine, the department store owned by LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the luxury conglomerate that also controls Patou.

Viewers of “Emily in Paris” might recognize it from the Netflix show’s second season, when several scenes were filmed inside the store, including a fragrance launch by the fictional Maison Lavaux. Further blurring the line between fact and fiction, “Emily in Paris” stars Camille Razat and Jean-Christophe Bouvet — the latter in character as designer Pierre Cadault — were among the guests.

Artistic director Guillaume Henry said he was inspired by watching women shop. “With Patou, we traveled a lot. We went to Asia, we went to L.A.,” he said backstage. “I saw the women in the department stores and their appetite for fashion gave me mad energy. I wanted this to be a joyful collection, full of humor.”

That spirit was apparent from the first look, a racer red quilted zip-up coat with a matching bucket hat and shopping trolley. Henry’s collection was full of crisp silhouettes: bra tops with mermaid skirts; cropped puffer jackets with flippy pleated skirts and knee-high boots, and neat little jackets with gleaming buttons.

For daytime, he offered ribbed sweater dresses and skirts, some with deep slits; oversized bomber jackets lined in faux fur; monogram separates, and swing coats. New this season were the spaghetti-strap cocktail dresses that had “click purchase” written all over them.

Henry is a commercially minded designer and he loves watching clothes fly off the rack. “At Patou, inspiration and creativity are fundamental, but it’s no coincidence that I’m not a painter or a sculptor or a movie director. I love the notion of product. I love the quality, the workmanship, the price. These are things I constantly discuss with my teams,” he said.

He’s also beefing up his accessories assortment, with collaborations with Bollé on eyewear and Maison Ernest on shoes, as well as cute new ruched satin handbags in a variety of sizes — not to mention those Caddie trolleys. With “Emily in Paris” costume designer Marylin Fitoussi sitting in the front row, it’s only a matter of time before this collection comes full circle. 

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The Most Iconic Locations From Each Quentin Tarantino Movie, Ranked


Replete with quotable dialogue, resonant characters, and unforgettable spectacles, the filmography of Quentin Tarantino remains one of the most memorable in modern Hollywood. Each movie he directs — except for one, perhaps, which will be touched on in a moment — features at least a single iconic and indelible location in which at least part of the film is set. These are the places that audiences think of with regard to each respective project.

If the Kill Bill movies counted as one, then he technically only has nine total films under his directorial belt. However, this list will count them as two, with two separate entries, while also ranking the most recognizable spot from his eight other movies. All that said: these are the ten most iconic locations from each Quentin Tarantino movie.


10 The Bar From Death Proof

Death Proof
Dimension Films

Along with Robert Rodriguez, his longtime friend and collaborator, Quentin Tarantino took part in a double-feature called Grindhouse (2007). He named his portion of the project Death Proof (2007), taken from the night Sean Penn told Tarantino over drinks about the prospect of stuntmen “death-proofing” cars. Of course, Tarantino took this idea, created an antagonistic character in Stuntman Mike (played by Kurt Russell), and wrapped everything with a stylistic, slasher bow on top. While there isn’t a name for a particular location that stands out here in Death Proof, the opening act of the film takes place inside a bar — with Tarantino playing the bartender, no less. This is where Stuntman Mike picks up his first victim, and if there had to be one, it’s ultimately the spot most associated with the film. However, since it isn’t exactly iconic, the bar scene does land Tarantino’s exploitation horror outing here at number ten.

Jackie Brown
Miramax Films

This is where the main plot point of Jackie Brown (1997) takes place: a shopping mall department store. Specifically, the dressing room therein. But of course, the whole store plays an integral role in both the plot and the framing of each scene.

Jackie buys a suit, goes in and out of the dressing room, while Max Cherry, Louis Gara, and Melanie Ralston all play their parts in making the swap and getting their respective parties to safety. Well, until Louis and Melanie reach the parking lot, that is. Things get far less secure from there. The opening scene of the film is a strong argument that the airport in which Jackie works as a flight attendant is the most memorable location of the film. The blocking, camerawork, and specifically the soundtrack featured in the aforementioned scene are as iconic as anything Jackie Brown has to offer.

8 Two Pines Chapel From Kill Bill: Volume 2

Kill Bill: Volume 2
Miramax Films

In Kill Bill: Volume 2 (2004), the Two Pines Chapel was where Beatrix Kiddo and her fiancé Tommy Plympton were in the middle of their rehearsal when Bill and his Deadly Viper Assassination Squad entered the premises and slayed everyone in the chapel. This obviously kicked the events of the series in general into gear, and its drawn-out lead up builds suspense until the very end when Bill’s goons show up with all black suits, machine guns, and a massive grudge against the Bride. What’s also worth noting about Two Pines Chapel is that it’s an actual location in Lancaster, California — except, it’s called the Cavalry Baptist Church. Not Two Pines. In fact, it’s commonly called The Kill Bill Church nowadays. But names aside, it exists, and fans can actually visit the location. Pretty neat.

7 The House of Blue Leaves From Kill Bill: Volume 1

Kill Bill 1
Miramax Films

A Japanese bar, restaurant, and the headquarters of O-Ren Ishii and the Crazy 88, The House of Blue Leaves facilitates the most memorable scene that Kill Bill: Volume 1 (2003) has to offer. Or, either of the Kill Bill films for that matter.

This was the place in which Beatrix Kiddo went toe-to-toe with a group of O-Ren Ishii’s Yakuza foot soldiers called the Crazy 88 and provided film fans with some of the more memorable instances of fight choreography. It’s full of dismemberments and Wilhelm Screams. What more could you ask for? When people look back on these films, this is undoubtedly one of the first scenes that springs to everyone’s minds.

6 Le Gamaar Cinema From Inglourious Basterds

Inglourious Basterds
The Weinstein Company

Owned by Shosanna Dreyfus, she helps operate it with her assistant and boyfriend, Marcel. This is the location that the film culminates to, with the premiere of a (fictional) German film called Stolz Der Nation — which roughly translates to A Nation’s Pride. Few images from Inglourious Basterds (2009) remain as artistically significant as the theater going up in flames in Shosanna’s ultimate act of revenge.

There are other great locations from this project, like the opening LaPadite farmhouse and the midpoint’s basement pub, but in the end, the choice was easy for this spot: Le Gamaar Cinema will always remain the quintessential location from Inglourious Basterds.

5 Spahn Ranch From Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
Sony Pictures Releasing

As the only legitimate, real-life location on the list that goes by its actual name, Spahn Ranch from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) acts within the plot as a former movie set where Cliff and Rick had previously worked on a few western films. Now, however, in the movie’s current timeline, the ranch has been taken over by the Manson Family.

There are many significant exchanges that go down here at Spahn Ranch — none perhaps as prominent as Cliff’s interaction with Squeaky Fromme and the borderline-brainwashed owner, George Spahn. For as much plot and development as Tarantino’s most recent film features, it can all be traced back to the events that went down at Spahn Ranch.

4 Candyland From Django Unchained

Django Unchained
Sony Pictures Releasing

Again, the primary plot points revolve around the existence and destruction of Candyland. A plantation owned by Calvin Candie (played by Leonardo DiCaprio), this is where the titular Django had reason to believe his wife is being held as a slave. So, he set out on a journey with his new partner, a bounty hunter named Dr. King Schultz — played to a brilliant degree by Christoph Waltz.

Most of the film’s major sequences went down here at Candyland. From the disruptive dinner Calvin served to his guests just before revealing to the protagonists he was privy to their plans to the film’s ending sequence of Django destroying the plantation with endless loads of dynamite, this is without a doubt the most iconic location from Django Unchained (2012).

3 Minnie’s Haberdashery From The Hateful Eight

The Hateful Eight
The Weinstein Company

Aside from the opening trek, the rest of The Hateful Eight (2015) takes place entirely in this location. And that’s even with regard to the one flashback of the movie. But each of the locations on this list have their own little quirks aside from the emphasis on their names, the characters constantly repeating them to subtly drive their titles home for the audience. Here with Minnie’s Haberdashery, the door doesn’t close. Every time someone goes in or out, the characters inside must grab a nail and hammer it shut. But for consolation: when they’re done, they can rest with a cup of Minnie’s famous hot coffee.

No one location has encompassed so much screen time in any of Tarantino’s films. The audience meets all but four featured characters in the Haberdashery, and sticks with them until their untimely deaths. Well, for some of them, it was untimely. For others, the sooner was undoubtedly for the better.

2 The Warehouse From Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs
Miramax Films

A heist movie known for breaking the conventions thereof, Reservoir Dogs (1992) takes place almost entirely after the theft takes place. And for the most part, the aftermath plays out in a warehouse they rented to reconvene after the deed was done. Aside from the opening scene and a couple flashbacks along the way, all the action takes place inside this warehouse.

It’s one of the more prominent examples of a movie going down in just one location. From Mr. Blonde torturing a police officer to the Mexican standoff that was initiated in the film’s final act, the movie’s most memorable scenes go down in the warehouse. It is of course the most prominent location of Tarantino’s debut.

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1 Jack Rabbit Slims From Pulp Fiction

Travolta and Thurman in Pulp Fiction
Miramax Films

Known for its 1950s atmosphere with to-die-for milkshakes, Jack Rabbit Slims is a restaurant visited by Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction (1994). It features a waiter dressed like Buddy Holly — played by Steve Buscemi — along with a fine array of face powder in the women’s bathroom. But most prominently, the famous dancing scene takes place here, where Mia and Vincent get down to You Never Can Tell by Chuck Berry.

The apartment scene is equally iconic, but not as much for its location as the dance sequence was. There was also the thrift store with Butch and Marcellus, and the opening/ending diner scenes with Pumpkin and Honey-Bunny. But in the end, Jack Rabbit Slims isn’t just the most memorable setting from Pulp Fiction — it’s also the most iconic location Tarantino has used throughout his whole filmography in general.

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Harry Styles Suffers Rips His Pants During L.A. Concert


One way or another, Harry Styles is going to put on a memorable show.

During his Jan. 26 concert in Los Angeles, the singer had quite the wardrobe malfunction, as he performed “Music for a Sushi Restaurant,” the latest single off his album Harry’s House.

One fan captured the moment in question, posting a video on Twitter of Harry dancing as he sings and bending down in a lunge position, causing his leather pants to rip. The Grammy winner took the moment in stride, attempting to cover up the tear has he continued the performance. The attendee captioned the video, “RIPPED HIS PANTS.”

Another angle of the moment shared on social media showed the clever way Harry chose to keep the concert going, with the caption reading, “HE RIPPED HIS PANTS AND IS USING THE PRIDE FLAG AS A SKIRT I CANT MAKE THIS UP.”

Although the on-stage wardrobe malfunction may be of an embarrassing moment for some, it seems as though the “Watermelon Sugar” played it off without a hitch—even with Jennifer Aniston and Modern Family star Julie Bowen in attendance, who were photographed by fans at the event. 

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Saks Fetes Seventh Floor Renovation, Introduces Saks Man Ambassadors – WWD


Retail is always a work in progress and that’s surely the case for Saks Fifth Avenue.

As part of its ongoing multimillion-dollar flagship renovation, right around the holidays, the retailer completed the revamp of the seventh-floor men’s department, significantly spiffing up the advanced designer and contemporary ready-to-wear presence. The project included 17 shops and the addition of 23 brands to the assortment.

And it’s paying off.

Louis DiGiacomo, senior vice president and general merchandise manager of men’s for Saks, said since completion, the department has performed above expectations. “December was an amazing month on this floor,” he said, “and far exceeded what we did in 2019.”

Next up is a refresh of the sixth floor, which houses luxury collections and accessories in addition to footwear. That is projected to be completed by holiday 2023.

Lil Baby

Lil Baby

Yvonne Tnt/BFA.com

On Thursday night, Saks returned to party mode by hosting an event at Le Chalet at L’Avenue to celebrate the completion of the seventh floor and introduce its Saks Man program. Patterned after the Saks Social Club women’s brand ambassador program, the men’s version consists of some 30 influential guys who promote the store’s marketing campaigns and product launches, create custom content for the digital channels, and attend and host both virtual and in-person events. Members of the Saks Man team span a variety of industries including sports, entertainment, business and activism.

Several of the ambassadors were on-site for the event, where NBA All-Star and Saks board member James Harden gave them a private tour of the seventh floor. They also raised a glass with top Saks executives Marc Metrick, chief executive officer, and Tracy Margolies, chief merchandising officer.

“Our men’s business has experienced significant growth over the past several years,” Margolies said. “The new men’s floor in New York reinforces the power of the in-store experience and exemplifies Saks’ reputation as a fashion authority. We are excited to continue investing in the men’s category both online and in-store.”

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How John Hughes Inspired a Genre and a Generation


When the phrase teen movies are brought into conversation, movies from the 1980s are bound to come to mind. One may think of films such as Fast Times at Ridgemont High or Risky Business. Those films helped define a generation of teenagers and inspire the generations to follow. However, while these films certainly played their part in making the teen comedy what it is today, it was truly revolutionized by writer and director John Hughes.

His six high school centered films shaped the teen genre into something studios and audiences alike had not seen before. His films found their place in pop culture and cemented themselves there for almost 40 years. They have stayed with us through memorable lines, iconic scenes, and frequent inspiration for new teen comedies.


The concept of the teenager was only just beginning to be understood in the 1950s. Prior to that, people did not quite grasp that there is a stage of adolescence between young childhood and early adulthood. It was during the 1950s that teen dramas and comedies made their debut. Both memorable and forgettable films such as Rebel Without a Cause, Gidget, The Wild One, and A Summer Place were some of the earliest entries into the teen genre.

The 1960s followed up with many beach-themed entries that took the comedic route unlike their predecessors. Beach Party, Bikini Beach, and The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini are just a few examples of silly portrayals of teenagers spending their time just partying at the beach.

By the 1970s, the teen genre started to branch out and merge with other genres, such as horror and musicals. This is most notably seen in Carrie, American Graffiti, and Grease. When the 1980s rolled around, studios began to approach the teen audience in a new way. The teen genre started to solidify itself, especially within comedy, and acquire the characteristics and tropes that we see today.

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Character Tropes Hughes Introduced Us To

Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall in Sixteen Candles
Universal Pictures

John Hughes introduced us to the common character types, characteristics, and tropes that have been seen in teen comedies for four decades. Although it is probably more notable in 1985’s The Breakfast Club, Hughes actually introduced audiences to these character types and tropes with his first film, Sixteen Candles, released in 1984. At the end of The Breakfast Club, the five main characters sign a letter to the principal stating that they are each a brain, a basket case, an athlete, a princess, and a criminal. Since that iconic ending, many teen films have followed this format of having a popular girl, a jock, an outcast, a geek, and a rebel.

However, those character types were first present in Sixteen Candles. Samantha (Molly Ringwald) is figuring out where she fits in and crushing on the school’s most popular jock, all while her family forgot her sixteenth birthday. The film also features a popular girl who is dating said jock, as well as a group of geeks desperate to get the attention of any girl. These character types are present in all of his high school movies. His films also centered around common themes found in teen films today, such as class struggle, fitting in, true friends, finding yourself, family, and romance.

Appreciating Teens, Not Condescending to Them

A scene from Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Paramount Pictures

Part of the reason Hughes’ films worked so well with audiences for decades is that he focused on organic dialogue that actually resonated with the youth of America at the time. Hughes always gave his teenage protagonists the respect they deserved that normally they would not receive from adults. Whether the problems his characters are facing would be considered serious or not, they are treated as important because they are to his characters.

In order to delve into the different aspects of the viewpoint of American teenagers, Hughes used vastly different protagonists in each of his films. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off focuses on Ferris challenging the rules set by school and his parents so that he can enjoy a day gallivanting through Chicago with his friends.

Many of his films feature the hierarchy of high school, which Hughes had a keen eye for. Pretty in Pink and Sixteen Candles both feature a girl longing for a boy that she seemingly cannot have due to either an age gap or a barrier in social classes. These are plots that do not appear to have depth on the surface, but the characters and worlds Hughes created are so fleshed out and full of opinionated friends and family that it resonates with experiences real teenagers have. His appreciation for teenage problems and the different ways in which kids present themselves in high school is exaggerated for the sake of movie-making, but it has always been in-tune with actual teenage experiences.

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The success of Hughes’ films, both critically and with audiences, inspired the teen comedies of the remainder of the ’80s and each decade that followed. Teen and coming of age comedies such as Say Anything, Can’t Buy Me Love, and St. Elmo’s Fire were associated (and still are) with John Hughes, despite not being projects of Hughes, because these films followed the same unique blend of comedy and drama that Hughes created.

The comedy that Hughes was able to present to audiences was completely his own and set his films apart from the other teen comedies of the time. It was both ridiculous and intelligent. The dialogue in his films was that of his own creation and was incorporated into the vernacular of real American teenagers.

Hughes Movies Have Cemented Themselves in Pop Culture

Jon Cryer and Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink
Paramount Pictures

Even Hughes’ music choices for his films were inspiration for the genre. He was a fan of British New-Wave pop and chose to use songs such as Simple Minds’ “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” or OMD’s “If You Leave” rather than use songs by mainstream artists. So many scenes from his films have become cemented into pop culture and have been parodied many times. In 2001’s Not Another Teen Movie, there is almost a word-for-word reenactment of the scene where Bender argues with the principal and earns himself several more Saturdays in detention.

Easy A also drew inspiration from many John Hughes’ films and films of the genre. Olive Penderghast (Emma Stone) mentions her love of ’80s teen comedies throughout the movie and even expresses her distaste for her life not being like a movie directed by John Hughes. The ending scene of the movie is an amalgamation of iconic moments from various Hughes’ filmography.

John Hughes revolutionized the way both Hollywood and the public view teenagers and the youth of America. Through his unique dramatic and comedic lens, he was able to help people recognize that teenagers’ problems mattered and were worth looking at. Through his films, he taught audiences that socioeconomic differences are issues that teenagers do face, and it effects their relationships. He showed us that even everyday problems such as popularity and fitting in truly matter to teenagers.

He demonstrated that the stage between childhood and adulthood is challenging to navigate and that sometimes we need to let loose. John Hughes created a formula for the teen genre that showed Hollywood and audiences alike that intelligent, funny, serious movies that do not condescend to young audiences are worth making.

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1000-Lb. Sisters Clip: Tammy Gets Angry During Zoom Therapy


TLC’s 1000-Lb. Sisters EXCLUSIVE: Tammy’s Fed Up With Dr. Stapleton

Everybody freezes up in a big meeting every once in a while.

In an exclusive sneak peek of the season premiere of TLC’s 1000-Lb. Sisters, airing Jan. 31, Tammy is going through an admittedly hard time on her weight loss journey.

“Gaining weight, it’s hard,” she confesses. “I don’t want to disappoint my family or myself. But I’m human, so of course there’s going to be days where I don’t feel like dieting. I get cravings. I want drinks, like sodas, and don’t want to work out.”

Tammy’s mood is poor timing, because she finds herself in the midst of a string of virtual therapy sessions that she must complete before being approved for weight loss surgery. 

“I’m not really looking forward to the session,” Tammy says. “I don’t like therapists.”

Still, she hops on a call with her psychologist Dr. Stapleton. After being greeted warmly, Tammy just sits there stone-faced, with her arms crossed.

“Last time we talked about some of the things that you could do to keep your hands busy,” Dr. Stapleton says to Tammy. “I know you’ve been doing some painting. Have you continued doing that?”

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Where You’ve Seen the Actors Before


If you enjoy the hit show Yellowstone, and you love the sci-fi series Lost, Outer Range is for you. It’s a mix of what you love about westerns and everything creepy about eerie and slightly confusing themes. So far, Outer Range has one season streaming on Amazon Prime and a second season has been approved, creating a steady hype for the underrated show. The plot follows a ranch owned by the Abbott family in the middle of Wyoming. They’re a close-knit family that often has problems with their neighbors, the Tillersons. Royal, the father and leader of the household, finds a giant black void in the middle of his pasture after a stranger starts to camp on their land. The show is full of twists and turns, and has a reliable set of characters, thus making it a great watch. In preparation for season two, here’s where you’ve seen the cast before.


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Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin in Everest
Universal Pictures

Josh Brolin plays Royal Abbott, and is one of the most well-known actors from Outer Range, solely based on his role as Thanos in the Marvel universe. Brolin has appeared as one of the biggest villains to grace theaters, but not only that, he also portrayed Cable in Deadpool 2; another villain. In the past two decades, he’s been in Dune, Flag Day and Sicario: Day of the Soldado. Earlier on in his career, he played James Butler Hickok in The Young Riders, and his first ever acting experience was portraying Brand in The Goonies.

Imogen Poots

Imogen Poots as Autumn in Outer Range (2022)
Amazon Studios

Imogen Poots plays one of her best roles as Autumn in Outer Range and has an impressive list of acting credits so far. In 2020, she was in The French Exit as Susan, as well as I Know This Much is True and The Father. She plays Riley in Black Christmas, which is a great holiday horror movie; and you also might know her from her role as Tammy in 28 Weeks Later.

Lili Taylor

the conjuring
New Line Cinema

Lili Taylor plays Cecelia Abbott, the well-respected mother and wife of the Abbott household, who does her best to keep everything and everyone together. Taylor appears in several horror movies such as Eli, The Nun, Leatherface, and The Conjuring. She’s a versatile actress; also appearing in To the Bone, Paper Spiders, and The Evening Hour. Outside of movies, she’s been featured in shows such as American Crime, Chambers, and Almost Human.

Lewis Pullman

bob top gun
Paramount Pictures

Lewis Pullman, son of Bill Pullman, had a very successful 2022, with the release of one of the biggest movies of the year, Top Gun: Maverick. Pullman plays Rhett Abbott in Outer Range, and stars as Bob Floyd in Top Gun: Maverick, making fans of the movie fall in love with his likable personality and witty comebacks toward Hangman. Pullman was also in Bad Times at the El Royale in 2018, as well as a recurring role in Hulu’s miniseries, Catch 22, in 2019. Fans of horror and Stephen King will be delighted to know Pullman will be starring in the upcoming movie, Salem’s Lot.

Tom Pelphrey


Tom Pelphrey plays Perry Abbott, the oldest son in the family, and the one who’s going through enough trauma to last a lifetime. Pelphrey has a very distinct acting style; starring in roles such as Ward Meachum from Iron Fist and Ben Davis in Ozark. He was in several episodes of the shows Guiding Light, and As the World Turns. His most recent work besides Outer Range is the movie American Murderer, where Pelphrey plays a con-man that’s wanted by the FBI.

Noah Reid


Noah Reid plays Billy Tillerson, the youngest son of the Tillersons, and some would say the most unsettling out of the three. Reid is arguably most known for his role as Patrick Brewer in Schitt’s Creek. He also starred in his own show called Kevin From Work, which was canceled after one season. He was a recurring character in Strange Days at Blake Holsey High and as a kid, he lent his voice to many animated shows, such as Babar, Franklin, and Redwall.

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Tamara Podemski

MorningStar Angeline and Tamara Podemski in Outer Range (2022)
Amazon Studios

Tamara Podemski plays Deputy Sheriff Joy in Outer Range and has mostly stuck to playing characters in television series. Podemski has been in two episodes of FX’s Reservation Dogs, as well as played a recurring character in Coroner. She has two upcoming roles in the near future; Ricky in Fancy Dance and Joy in three episodes of Essex County.

Will Patton

Will Patton Halloween Ends
Universal Pictures

Will Patton is a very seasoned actor with a recognizable voice; his role as Wayne Tillerson being memorable simply due to the fact that it’s Patton playing him. Over the years, Patton hasn’t slowed down with his roles, and was most recently in Halloween and Halloween Ends as Frank, facing Michael Myers more than once. He’s appeared in shows such as Yellowstone, Swamp Thing, and Falling Skies. Some of his most memorable roles include Remember the Titans, where he played Coach Bill Yoast, and as Kentucky Bluebird in Search for Tomorrow.

Isabel Arraiza

the little things
Warner Bros.

Isabel Arraiza plays Maria Olivares, the love interest for Rhett in Outer Range, and compared to her co-stars, her list of acting credits is a bit short, but still admirable. You might know her from The Oath or Pearson, where she had a steady amount of episodes between the two shows. She also was featured in the 2021 crime-drama The Little Things, as well as Sonnets for an Old Century.

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